Based in America, with an eye towards Europe and South America.

Practice Areas

Real Estate

RGPA counsels companies, private investors and property owners on most aspects of real estate investment. In addition to advising on the outright purchase and sale of real property assets, we structure multifaceted relationships between parties for the ownership or development of real estate, including joint ventures, corporations, limited liability companies and subsidiary entities.
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Skillful entity selection and structuring are the foundation of an intelligent business and financial strategy. RGPA integrates numerous considerations into the entity selection and structuring process, including corporate, tax, asset protection, risk management, succession and estate planning. Our Corporate practice focuses on businesses dealings with or located in Western Europe, Latin America, Brazil, the Caribbean and the United States.
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International Business Structuring

To stay competitive in today's global marketplace, international companies and investors must seek out greater efficiency in tax planning and regulatory compliance, including coordinating tax decisions from country to country. RGPA advises domestic and international clients on the U.S.
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